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A Choice, Not an Echo :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 47 14 Stellaris :iconmrimperatorroma:MrImperatorRoma 31 21
10th SS Panzergrenadier Division Mjolnir
German experimentation with automated combat machines began even before the rise of Hitler. The Treaty of Versailles imposed strict limits on the size of the German military, so the Germans opted to get around this restriction by creating war machines that did not need operators. The first experiments were conducted with radio-controlled flying bombs, or "buzz bombs" as they were colloquially known. The government of the Weimar Republic even collaborated with the Soviet Union on several automaton projects, a collaboration which would later haunt Moscow.
After the rise of the Nazi Party, developments in automation ground to a halt. As Hitler openly defied the Treaty of Versailles, the military saw no need in continuing development in automated weapons. That money was needed for training more men, and manufacturing more armaments. It wasn't until 1939, as the SS-Verfügungstruppe  ("SS-VT") was expanding, that interest was rekindled. In the early days of the war, the Germ
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 13 4
Decisive Darkness, 2017 :iconbolshiekiwi:BolshieKiwi 37 4 AAPA: The Difference of a Bullet :iconwilji1090:wilji1090 16 9 (Alternate) Flag of Seychelles :iconramones1986:ramones1986 12 6 Washingtons Dream :icongrisador:grisador 19 11
The Front
Europe, much of Asia, and most of North America are The Front. Clanking machines, bio-engineered abominations and penal battalions scrabble for dominance, still fighting a war which has lasted over seventy years. Much of the land has been poisoned, the cities have crumbled into ash and rubble, what towns and villages remain are de facto independent, occasionally hosting garrisons but have reverted to an almost medieval existence, while even more have turned to a nomadic existence, scouring the land for resources, while avoiding the soldiers of the endless war.
The governments, or in many cases, the institutions of the Hostile Powers have moved southwards, into the extractive colonies which avoided being frontlines in the first 'Ideological' phase of the war, and in the second 'Traditional' phase of the war have agreed to fight only in the areas designated The Front. You see, as The Front developed and civilisation collapsed, the ideological (and democratic/party leadership) leaders of
:iconbobmumby:BobMumby 7 0
Kingdom of America
Washington D.C. is a city I have seen in many timelines, and this is a smaller incarnation. The classical Greco-Roman architecture exemplified by the Capitol remains dominant, and the familiar large, concrete, administrative buildings such as the Pentagon are completely absent. This is a humbler America. A regional power, not the globe-spanning superpower many readers will be familiar with.
I take a cable car. It whisks past the White House, the official seat of American power. The building is humble by the standards of the French and Prussian emperors, designed by George I himself to resemble the royal palace in Mount Vernon. The American royals spend little time in the White House, preferring their many estates scattered throughout the country. Today, they are absent.
I notice a political rally beside the White House. The crowd is carrying handmade signs and American flags, with thirteen white stars instead of the three on the official Stars and Stripes. One man is shouting slogans t
:iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 32 20
Triumph is Fleeting :iconsythesol:Sythesol 19 2 US breaks up in the 1930s :iconquantumbranching:QuantumBranching 48 24 The Scottish Referendum :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 52 17 ASB News (AltHist News Site) :iconxanthoc:Xanthoc 5 0 The Frisian Empire :iconupvoteanthology:Upvoteanthology 60 12 Kingdom of America :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 36 17 The Commonwealth :iconzeksora:ZekSora 99 36



Tomorrow's War
Based on the tabletop.
I really liked TW's vision of the future. It's a recent game, but its prediction of future events reminds me of predictions from the long-ago era of circa 2014. The US has not gone fascist. Russia has not taken over the world. Brexit at no point brought about the end of days. And yet it is a different future, where the global north/south divide is a second cold war, Elective Monarchy is the trendy mostly-untested ideology of the intelligentsia, and first contact failed to bring about the end of civilization mainly because we were more advanced than the aliens. Here's the 411:

  • The scramble for space mended a widening EU/US divide, with the two powers needing to cooperate to beat the Russians, Chinese, and Brazilians to other planets.
  • Cooler heads eventually prevailed in British, European and American politics. The same cannot be said for much of the rest of the world.
  • The UN is a thing of the past, the first world walking when it ruled planetary colonization was in violation of the Outer Space Treaty and forming OPS, and Brazil lead the rest of the world to form the NEU.
  • "Progressive" has a different connotation by now, and is an ideology with opinions on international politics only. It combines a neocon-like belief in intervention against dictatorships with a drive for humanitarian intervention. Imagine the Bush administration if it stayed behind to extensively rebuild the countries it defeated.
  • Progressivism also believes in electoralism, or that people should vote. This is not the same thing as democracy, as it encompasses Elective Monarchy, which the United Arab Emirates subscribes to.
  • Elective Monarchy is about what it sounds like. The executive is elected for life, and in the UAE candidates must be from the nobility. Sometimes other positions are for life too. Orthodox Christianity and Islam are the official religions in Russia and The UAE, but they're about as powerful as the Anglican Church in the UK.
  • The NEU is in full on counter-imperialism mode. The Brazil-dominated group deftly wields left-wing anti-colonialism with right-wing nationalist chauvinism together at the hip to form a regular political juggernaut. The Brazilian National Party is so dominant Brazil's political freedom score hovers a full point below China's. Portuguese-language netsites are notorious for insufferable Brazilian trolls.
  • China is increasingly non-ideological. The Politburo walks the line between Brazil's overtures with America's trade deals.
  • One of Russia's offworld colonies proclaimed itself the New Soviet Federation, a communist continuator to the Soviet Union, during Russia's civil war. The Tsar obviously won't give them the time of day.
  • The Central African Union formed contra the Somalian warlord coalition that ran roughshod over East Africa back in the day. They've hung together since then, but regionalist movements are powerful.
Battle of Anchorage Town
    It turns out that the New Capitalist measures to keep industry local and nationalist, while good for industrial unionism and class equality, were very, very bad for the environment. Before it split into warring factions, the United Nations decided on drastic measures to address the crisis of late People’s Capitalism. For the United States, this meant a near-total (but entirely voluntary) evacuation of Hawaii and Alaska, bumping the number of states back to 48, offering full subsidies for moving costs and a healthy tax rebate for the rest of an evacuee’s natural life. The states were then seeded up with carbon-negative genetically-engineered SynthEnvironments, patented property of General Cooperatives.
    Not everyone took the offer, of course, and around a hundred thousand people stayed behind in Alaska. Whilst Hawaii eventually mostly unified into the reformed Kingdom under extremely nominal American sovereignty, Alaska split apart into different communities. Environmental regulations meant contact with the outside world was sporadic at best, as the Canadian border was totally sealed, the Soviet Union had depopulated Siberia in a similar though significantly less voluntary manner, and there was an annual quota for ships approaching Alaska so as to not add nuclear toxins to the off-coast underwater SynthEnvironments. The increasing regularity of trade route-sealing superstorms didn’t help matters.
    A century on, Alaska was nearly unrecognizable. The scattered communities of the former northern Boroughs were often outright tribal in technology, if not in governance. The only contact the American government afforded these northern tribes were raids and incursions on tribes that broke the last two laws of Alaska: no slavery or human sacrifice allowed. A few juvenile bands composed of runaway slaves even began to worship the paratrooper WAVE squadrons who would eliminate slave traders with extreme prejudice as “valkyrie-liberators” from the gods.
    Yes, gods, not God, as these SynthEnvironments are places where it seems the Great Christian Decline of the latter 21st century never ended. Many in these places do not even know of the reunification of the church, or even who Jesus was. Paganism, irreligion, or other peculiarities are common here.
    The shining beacon of Alaskan civilization, such that it could be called, was of course the southern Aleskan Sundom. In the rebuilt cities of the coast, a society of Sun-worshippers carried on with an eclectic mix of bronze-age agriculture, nineteenth century morals and firearms, and the occasional modern flak cannon. The Sun-Governors of Anchorage Town proclaimed their domain the legal continuator of the old State of Alaska, a proclamation Washington carefully avoided taking a side on. Certainly the Sundom sent no Senators to the Estates General.
    As the War of Unian Succession began, Guido G saw the SynthEnvironments as the perfect, vulnerable destination for Atlantis. Plenty of savages to enslave, no modern opposition, and an opportune springboard for further conquests. And so Atlantis made the long journey from the North Atlantic to the North Pacific, past loyal La Plata, through the friendly straits of Magellan and avoiding the Progressive Panama Canal. But by then, both Washington and Moscow had cottoned to Atlantian designs. Atlantis found no refuge in Hawai’i, the King welcoming in a Progressive fleet which beat back the Ghandites. The Soviet satrapy of Sakhalin was similarly prepared. But Atlantis had succeeded in exhausting American forces, and Washington could spare only material and token womanpower for the Aleskans.
    Atlantis’ first raid was foiled by the Sundom’s preserved flak cannons. Landing parties of UN WAVES were halted by Sundom troops using American equipment. Unian bombing did take care of the flak cannons. The next morning,  Atlantis tried another pass, but Soviet WAVES had been flown into American territory overnight. Washington had decided that friendly foreigners on American soil were preferable to enemy occupation. Atlantis did not capture a single Sundom slave, and the city itself returned to sea.
    Unfortunately for Alaska, Atlantian capture barges would have more luck upstate.
Grande Europa
The Union of Grande Europa was the historical Europan state that existed from 2014, when the Continental Union restructured itself, to its disestablishment and transformation into the modern United States of Grande Europa following its defeat in the war of Unian succesion.
Formed after a series of radical edicts transforming the predecessor federation of the Continental Union, the Union saw the manufacturing of a pan-European language for the purposes of building a supranational identity.

Grande Europa was one of the strongholds of support for the War Government during the war of Unian Succession, and so fought against most of its neighbors on behalf of the Atlantian government.
United Nations Coup
The 2144 UN Secretary-General Elections were the most contentious in world history, with political dynasty frontman Guido Ghandi’s Order party losing to American Palestinian Mohammad Adams’ Progress Platform in a contested and divisive final counting. Guido refused to accept the results, but the induction process went on without his concession. Then, on April 15, as American WAVES arrived in the UN’s flying capital city of Atlantis for Adams’ swearing-in ceremony, Guido made his move.
    The Atlantian WAVE Divisions were loyal to Ghandi, and opened fire on Adams’ bodyguard and foreign diplomats as he took the oath of office. Adams was immediately jetpacked to safety by his personal guards, and American WAVE commander Katskiller informed Washington that UN WAVES were attacking her troops. Sam Matthews, American commander of a North Atlantic naval taskforce, immediately diverted course for Atlantis’ position. In a daring move, American WAVE Mary Adams, SecGen Mohammad’s sister, sabotaged Atlantis’ course software, causing the city to remain stationary long enough for American fleets to catch up and engage, though Adams fell into Ghandite custody afterwards.
    Unfortunately, Ghandite WAVES had taken control of Atlantian atomic artillery, and the combined naval, air, and ground battle raged for the next ten hours. It was one of the first combined environment battles in history, with naval reinforcements using jetpacks to reach the city thousands of miles above them, Atlantian aircraft engaging in air-to-surface combat with navy ships, and opposing forces often encountering each other in vertical transit and engaging each other mid-air. The fighting was often extremely brutal, with neither side allowing bailing aircraft pilots to parachute unmolested, and fights between enemy bailed-out pilots were documented. After hours of block-to-block fighting in the city itself, Ghandi’s WAVES secured most of Atlantis and were able to destroy Adams’ field HQ, killing Adams with it. American forces withdrew, but refused to recognize Ghandi as SecGen, and were followed by the Soviet Union, French Kingdom, and, eventually, thirty-two other nations. The war of the Unian succession had begun.
Hamilton7-jonathan-groff-as-king-george-iii by PachPachis

Not Hamilton, that's for sure.
Just a quick list of stuff that I'll be putting up fairly soon.

1. World of The Syndic
2. World of Evil Empire (maybe. The setting is a little hard to map by its very nature)
3. Some more Division stuff. Jeez, I've let that timeline sit for long enough.
4. Six String King, which I published a preview for a while back. It's based on the movie Six String Samurai.
5. Since people seemed to like it, another take on The Conspiracies of Yesteryear, showing the world after the glorious triumph of Marxism-Lincolnism.


United States


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